15 Benefits Of Ujjayi Pranayama

What Is Ujjayi Pranayama 

 Benefits Of Ujjayi Pranayama



There is many thing you should know about yoga if you are doing yoga every day then you feel that any type of diseases going from your body there is so many benefits of yoga in India there are trends to do yoga. All ages of people can do yoga child also can do yoga. One of them is ujjayi pranayama.

We all know that there are many benefits of ujjayi pranayama Ujjayi in Sanskrit word means victory by the practice of this pranayama the air won. Through this pranayama, you may avoid many types of diseases. If you will do a proper way then you may avoid many types of diseases.

How To Do Ujjayi Pranayama 


1. In ujjayi pranayama, we tend to suck air.

2. Inside us, this process has to be carried out as long as the air fully filled in our lungs.

3. After that, the air is bound to stop inside

4. Close the right pore of the nose

5. Slowly remove the air from the left pore

6. Pull the air inside and leave the sound of snoring should be heard from the throat.

7. Don’t open your mouth during this pranayama.


We should do yoga or pranayama at the empty stomach and early morning because in the morning blows the very holy winds are considered very good for our body. We should take care of that the place should always be open when we are doing yoga.

The benefits of ujjayi pranayama 


1. Increase the oxygen level in your blood.

2. This pranayama is good for the breathing tube.

3. Control the water elements. 

4. It controls your thyroid.

5. It increase blood circulation and maintains high blood pressure.

6. This pranayama is good for heart patients.

7. Those people who survive breathing problem is good for them.

8. It is beneficial for Sinus. 

9. It cooperates in awakening the kundalini power.

10. It reduces your tension If you feel stress then you should do this pranayama.

11. If you are doing ujjayi pranayama on a regular basis it may change your mental health and physical health its very useful for your mental and physical health.

12. Ujjayi pranayama cures all throat related diseases.

13. If you are doing ujjayi pranayama then it helps to bring sweetness in our voice. 

14. If a child doing ujjayi pranayama every day then the child’s stammering habit is over.

15. This pranayama is very beneficial for digestion it further strengthens our digestive gland.

16. It’s very beneficial for TV patients.

17. If your blood pressure is low so you can increase your blood pressure by doing this in the Astanga yoga method.

Precaution During Ujjayi Pranayama 

There are many benefits of ujjayi pranayama but all of you guys must take care of all these things while doing ujjayi pranayama.

1. A pregnant woman should do it very slowly because if a pregnant lady does it fastly it may affect her child.

2. Those who suffer heart disease should do it pranayama very comfortably.

3. When does ujjayi pranayama do it a systematically way don’t do it in fast motion?


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