Ulcers on tongue:Cause,symptoms,and home remedies

What is tongue ulcers

ulcer on tongue

Ulcers on the tongue, the tongue is a susceptible part of our body. But usually, it is not much cared about. When there are small lesions such as ulcers on the tongue for cutting, injury or other different reasons from the teeth of the tongue, it is called the tongue's ulcers.

These ulcers also affect the mouth apart from the tongue. The person is having discomfort in eating and drinking the most by being blunt on the tongue. During this, eating spicy foodstuff increases the discomfort and irritation of the tongue. 

The ulcers of the tongue are not very easy, and they can take four to five days or more to recover. In this article, you will know the reason for having ulcers on tongue, home remedies for symptoms ulcers on the tongue.

Cause of ulcers on tongue 

There is often no reason to have ulcers on the tongue. There are many reasons for this problem. However, it should be treated as soon as possible due to blistering, otherwise, these ulcers can take the form of a large wound. Let's know what causes the ulcers on the tongue.

  • By having yeast infections in the mouth 
  • By accidentally cutting the tongue with your own teeth.
  • More smoking
  • By eating more salty and spicy foods
  • Having any problems related to bowel and stomach.
  • With the lack of vitamins and minerals such as folic acid and vitamin B in the body.
  • Due to viral infection
  • Due to injuries in the mouth
  • Due to the weakness of the immune system

Symptoms of ulcers on tongue 

Being ulcer on the tongue, the person is not able to eat anything easily and it always feels uneasy. Let's know what are the symptoms of having an ulcer on tongue
  • Burning sensation in mouth and tongue
  • Blossom blisters and blisters and wounds on the tongue.
  • There are red and white lesions on the tongue.
  • Water from the mouth continuously
  • Fever due to the tongue's ulcers 

Home remedies (treatment) from an ulcer on the mouth 

Aloe Vera for ulcers on tongue 

Aloe Vera for ulcers on tongue

Due to anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera provides cooling to the ulcers rising on the tongue and keeps them calm and provides relief in pain. 

Aloe vera is beneficial for various problems related to the tongue and mouth of the tongue. To remove the ulcers on tongue, remove the prison from the leaves of aloe vera and apply it directly on the tongue. 

Applying three to four times a day, the ulcers on tongue become calm and there is no burning and pain in the tongue. Apart from this, rinse three to four times a day from aloe vera jail it will also, help to heal the tongue's ulcers.

Baking soda for ulcers on tongue 

Baking soda for ulcers on tongue

By mixing baking soda, put on the affected area of ​​the tongue, the ulcers become calm within 24 hours. 

Anti-inflammatory properties are found in baking soda which works effectively in removing tongue ulcers and pain. 

Mix half spoon baking soda in water and prepare the paste. After this, paste then applies this paste directly over the ulcers on tongue and leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it with warm water and clean the mouth. 

If you want, add baking soda in warm water and prepare the solution and rinse it. This solution is very helpful in removing the ulcers.

Honey for ulcer on  tongue 

Honey for ulcer on  tongue

Medicinal properties are found in honey and this is the best treatment to remove the ulcers on tongue

Applying honey on the ulcers of the tongue several times a day, the ulcers become calm and get relief from pain too. 

Also, mix one teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of turmeric and make a paste and apply this paste on the affected part of the tongue. Applying this paste three to four times a day, cure the ulcers on the tongue and you can also eat food comfortable.

Glycerin for ulcer on tongue 

Glycerin for ulcer on tongue

Dip a piece of cotton glycerin and apply glycerin on the affected part of the tongue with the help of a cotton ball. 

Leave the glycerin on the tongue for some time so that it absorbs it properly. After that rinse with water and clean the mouth. 

Glycerin is a better home remedy for removing the ulcers on the tongue. If possible you should apply glycerin on tongue's ulcers while sleeping at night and clean it with water the next morning.

Cold milk for ulcers on tongue 

Cold milk for ulcers on tongue

By applying milk with salt and lactic acid on the tongue's ulcer helps in getting rid of the problem of ulcers in a very short time. 

Milk contains many nutrients such as calcium and protein, which help to calm the tongue's ulcers. 

Another way to heal the ulcers is to keep the milk in the fridge for some time and then drink cold milk three to four times a day.

Since the ulcers on the tongue are emerging from the stomach problem, it cools down the stomach and helps in correcting the ulcers.

Tea for ulcers on tongue 

Tea for ulcers on tongue

In tea, a compound called tannin is found, which provides cooling to the burning sensation caused by ulcers on the tongue and also removes the pain of the tongue. 

To heal the tongue's ulcer, you soak the tea bag and apply it to the affected area for a few minutes. Repeat this process several times a day. 

If possible, drink ginger and chamomile tea in the day, it clears the ulcer on the tongue.

Ice is also helpful for ulcers on tongue 

Ice is also helpful for ulcers on tongue

To get rid of the ulcers on tongue, ice is such a home remedy that gives instant relief. In the snow, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties are found that helps in the burning of the tongue and pain due to the ulcers. 

Cover the ice piece in a cloth and apply it on your tongue with light hands. Repeat this sequence two to three times a day. You will definitely see the difference.

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