How Much Protein In An Egg? The Surprising Fact About Eggs

Boiled egg

A boiled egg is very beneficial for us it is very easy to cook and it is a very healthy breakfast or snacks. It's a very high protein food.

The very high protein content is found in the upper part of the egg and doesn't have much fat in this part and the yellow part of the egg there is found the number of vitamins, vitamins A, vitamins D vitamins E . In a single egg there is the only 6g of protein in a single egg.

The benefits of eggs 

1. It is very beneficial for our eyes if you eat egg then it helps to increase the light of the eyes.

2. It helps to reduce our body weight.

3. It is a good source of protein which boosts our energy level and increase our stamina.

4. It contains iron which fulfills our iron deficiency in our body. It helps to digest our food which helps to protect our body many types of diseases.

5. Eggs build our mussels. 

6. If you face the problem of hair fall egg is very beneficial to control your hair fall because it contains protein which controls our hair fall problem. Zinc, sulfur, vitamin E found in eggs are very important for your hair.

Nutritional fact of egg

Calorie -78

Fat -5.3gm 

Carbs -0.6gm 

Saturated Fat -1.6gm

Monounsaturated fat -2gm

Cholesterol -212gm

Vitamin A- 6% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance ( RDA )

Vitamin B2- 15% of the RDA

Vitamin B12- 9% 0f the RDA 

Vitamin B5- 7% of the RDA 

Phosphorus -86mg or 9% of the RDA

Selenium- 22% of the RDA

How much protein in an egg 

The protein content in an egg is about 6g. Consuming this gives our body energy. This is the best diet for those people who are thin-skinned and who want to increase their weight because it supplies protein.

How many eggs we should eat in a day 

If you find the climate of the place where you are staying hot, then you can eat 4-5 eggs for breakfast in the morning, if the climate of that place is cold then you can make 5-10 eggs. For those who do heavy workouts, let me tell you that 15-20 eggs a day are enough.

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