Cause of mouth cancer-Sign-cause-and symptoms

About mouth cancer 


Cause of mouth cancer In every other person chewing tobacco, symptoms of mouth cancer is usually found. Research suggests that 90% of people with cancer of mouth symptoms are tobacco eaters. Most cases of oral cancer are found in BiharOrissa and Jharkhand states in India. The main reason for this is that people of these states use tobacco more.
Cause of mouth cancer


Generally, people eating tobacco use tobacco in their cheeks and eat them for hours. The likelihood of cancer becoming the most increases in this part of the mouth. By the way, people who eat tobacco can also self-test from time to time and we will tell you the way to test them.

How is mouth cancer?



In the past few years, many young people of the world are facing the cancer of the mouth. In the beginning, the person ignores them, but when the problem grows and it is detected, it is too late.


Cause of mouth cancer



Genetic – If someone in your family already has cancer of the mouth, you will also get the chance of getting cancer. Many have come to see such cases where people have become cancer due to heredity.
Tobacco food – This is the main cause of mouth cancer. 90% of oral cancer patients are chewing tobacco food. People who eat more and untimely tobacco come quickly in the grip of this cancer.

Smoking – Yes, if you are addicted to smoking then be careful that you also have a risk of oral cancer. Some people are chain smokers, who always have a cigarette in their hands, such people easily become victims of oral cancer.

Poor Food – Doctors always recommend not eating outdoors, but those who live outside the house eat the daily food of the hotel or Dhaba. Sometimes food is eaten out but regular food like this can give you oral cancer.


Excessive alcohol – excessive alcohol intake can also increase the risk of oral cancer for you. If you drink alcohol then eat it in the right amount, otherwise, you may get into this cancer.

Early signs of oral cancer 

What cause of mouth cancer is that we have already told you above, then now know what are the symptoms of oral cancer and how you can identify them 

Signs and symptoms of mouth cancer 

If in your gums occur red patches then it is not mean that you have mouth cancer it may be other problems. For example toothache, or cold. If your gum’s redness problem is not clear up for a week or month then in that situation, it’s important to see your doctor and if there is any possibility of cancer on your mouth it may be diagnosed as soon as possible.

There are some symptoms and sign of mouth cancer 
1. Change your voice 
2.Pain in your teeth or jaw
3.Weight lose
4.Pain in your ear 
5. Difficulty moving your jaw
6.Bleeding or numbness in the mouth 
7. Red or white patches on the lining of your mouth are common and very rarely cancerous, but they can sometimes turn into cancer so it is worth seeing a specialist if you have them.

Measurement of  Indian cancer patients 

One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India.
For every 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one woman dies of it in India.
Mortality due to tobacco use in India is estimated at upward of 3500 people every day.
Tobacco( smoke and smokeless) use in accounted for 317,928
death (approx) in men and women in 2018.

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