Cause of Redness in eyes

Cause of red eyes

Cause of red eyes when your eye irritated or infected and lack of sleep or allergies injury is also cause of red eyes if your eyes injured then you checked it by your doctor. 

Cause of red eyes
The cause of red eyes is expanded by very small blood vessels that are located between the sclera and the overlying clear the conjunctiva of the eye.
These  small vessels can become swollen because of environment or lifestyle-related reason or because of specific eye problems.
Cause of red eyes is usually allergy, eye fatigue, over-wearing contact lenses or common eye infection such as pink eyes sometimes redness of eye can signal more serious condition disease such as uveitis or glaucoma.
Environmental  cause of red eyes 
  • Airborne allergens 
  • Air pollution 
  • Dry air (Dry climate, office buildings, etc)
  • Dust 
  • Airborne fumes 
  • Chemical exposure (chlorine in swimming pools etc)

There are some causes of red eyes 


First is Allergies


If your eyes are red then it’s not mean that it causes only allergies but allergies may also cause redness in your eyes which is becomes and bad also when you scratch your eye at many times. 

Allergies reaction follow when the body’s immune system overworks but the most common cause of allergies in the eyes is dust, polluted air, etc.
 If dust strikes in your eyes you, must water your eyes almost five to six times a day. 

Second is too much alcohol


Too much drink alcohol is the cause of red eyes. If you drink too many alcohols in a day then after the drink alcohol then you noticed that your eyes are dark red or next morning your eyes are too red in our eyes are very small vessels after the drink alcohol the blood vessel is dilated that’s why your eyes become dark red. 

too much alcohol

And if you want to adjust your eye then. I suggest that take an eye drop in your eyes can help to lessen the redness.

The third is too little sleep 


If you sleep too little in a day it causes red eyes too little sleep is not good for its side effect is that it’s low your skin brightness.

 too little sleep

 you will feel laziness all the time if you go to do any work then you will want to that work because of that you sleep too little your energy level in you have gone down.

It will decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches in your eyes due to it the small blood vessel dilates and become red your eyes if your eyes kept open long time because of lack of sleep it cornea (the surface of your eyes) from being well lubricated and this can cause dryness and redness.

Fourth is contact lens irritation  


 contact lens irritation


Contact lenses causes of a red eyes because if your eyes want more oxygen then contact lenses prevent enough oxygen to reaching in your eyes and if wear contact lenses during sleeping then it also causes redness, infection in your eyes.

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