Symptoms of mouth cancer

About mouth cancer

Mouth cancer occurs when our cells uncontrollable growth it damages our lips, tongue, cheeks floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate.
symptoms of mouth cancer


In India, we see maximum cases of mouth cancer its causes a lot of eating tobacco, smoking and drinking everything that brings intoxication its cause of mouth cancer.
Mouth cancer is also called the oral cavity. Mouth cancer may also appear as white or red patches on the gums, tonsils, or the lining of the mouth. 

According to the American cancer society, the United States in 2019.
  • 53,000 people, they have mouth cancer or oropharynx cancer.
  • 10,860 people will die due to mouth cancer.
This cancer is more than twice as common men as in women. They are about equally common in blacks and in whites.
Mouth cancer and oropharyngeal cancers occur most often in the following sites:
  • The tongue 
  • The tonsils and oropharynx 
  • The gums, the floor of the mouth, and other parts of the mouth

Signs and symptoms of mouth cancer 

Symptoms of mouth cancer if in your gums occur red patches then it’s not mean that you have mouth cancer it may be other problems. For example toothache, or cold. 
If your gum’s redness problem is not clear up for a week or month than in that situation, its important to see your doctor and if there is any possibility of cancer on your mouth it may be diagnosed as soon as possible.
There are some symptoms and signs of mouth cancer.
1. Change your voice 

2.Pain in your teeth or jaw 

3.Weight lose 

4.Pain in your ear 

5. Difficulty moving your jaw 

6.Bleeding or numbness in the mouth 

7. Red or white patches on the lining of your mouth are common and very rarely cancerous, but they can sometimes turn into cancer so it’s worth seeing a specialist if you have them. 

Cause of mouth cancer 


Cause of mouth cancer In every other person chewing tobacco, symptoms of mouth cancer are usually found. Research suggests that 90% of people with cancer of mouth symptoms are tobacco eaters. Most cases of oral cancer are found in BiharOrissa and Jharkhand states in India. The main reason for this is that people of these states use tobacco more. know more about the cause of mouth cancer click here.

India’s cancer statistics 

  • One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India. 
  • Mortality due to tobacco use in India is estimated at upward of 3500 people every day.
  • Tobacco (smoke and smokeless) use accounted for 317,928 death (approx) in men and women in 2018.

cancer statistic in India

Estimated number of people living with the disease around 2.25 million.
Every year new cancer patients registered over 1,157,294 lakh.
Cancer-related death 784,821.
Risk of developing cancer before the age of 75 
Male: 9.81%
Female: 9.42%
Total death due to cancer in 2018 
Total: 784,821
Male: 413,590
Women: 371,302
The risk of dying from cancer before the age of 75 years is 7.34% in males and in females 6.28%.
Cancer of the oral cavity and lungs account for over 25% of cancer death in males and cancer of the breast and oral cavity accounts for 25% cancer in females.
The top five cancer in men and women account for 47.2% of all cancer this cancer can be prevented screened for and detected early and treated at an early stage. This could significantly reduce the death rate from this cancer.
1.Lip, oral cavity 
3. Stomach 
2.Lip, oral 


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