Warning! Are You Taking Apple Cider Vinegar That Could Kill You?

What is apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for us when we consume a limited quantity of it people use apple cider vinegar to make alcohol. First, it helps to understand what exactly constitutes apple cider vinegar. Its simply crushed apples with yeast added in.
What is apple cider vinegar
The yeast converts the fructose into alcohol. Bacteria (the good kind) is then added to the concoction, which turns the alcohol into acetic acid. People have the most side effects of apple cider vinegar is due to acetic acid. 


Apple cider’s side effect 


1.Skin burn

Apple cider vinegar side effects also include skin burn Some people use this apple cider vinegar to remove the ache and spots which they are suffering. However, just as it may burn the throat, it may also cause a slight burning sensation in the skin.


2.Problem indigestion

problem in digestion


If any person takes apple cider vinegar in a more quantity then it affects their small intestine means that when they eat then their food is going slowly in their small intestine. 
This reduces the speed of the sugar absorption in the blood.due to this gastroparesis patient suffer more problems this problem is seen in the patient of type 1 diabetes.

Symptoms of gastroparesis 

In gastroparesis, stomach veins stop functioning properly. Therefore, the food stays in the stomach for a long time and it is not free from normal speed.
Symptoms of gastroparesis include chest burning, swelling, and discomfort.


It is very challenging to take insulin with meals for patients with type 1 diabetes gastroparesis.

3.Decrease mineral level 

As we know that detoxification is very important for our body. Detoxification helps to flushes good and bad substances. 

If meanwhile, we take apple cider vinegar then in this situation it expels the very important minerals and nutrients in our body. 
If the minerals and nutrients that come out of our body by consuming apple cider vinegar, if we consume a banana every day in this condition, then it will help to fulfill all our nutrition.

4.Headache problem 

Apple cider's side effect

More uses of apple cider vinegar can cause our headache because when we consume apple cider vinegar it leads to a painful headache.
This occurs due to its detoxification property that makes our brain release harmful toxins if you want to reduce this problem then you should use it less.

5.Sore throat 

Many studies found that more uses of apple cider vinegar lead the throat irritation this is due to the presence of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar. 
If you think that your blood pressure level becoming lower compare to previous time then you should not consume the apple cider vinegar due to the presence of anti glycemic its effect in our blood pressure. 
If your blood pressure level is already low then you should not consume it. In some cases, it may cause diabetic hypoglycemia, in turn cutting off glucose supply to the brain. 
In this situation you want to consume it then you should consult your doctor before consuming it.
7.Weak your bone
The excessive use of apple cider vinegar can also reduce the bone mineral density which can make the bones weak and brittle those people who suffer the bone problem they should not consume the apple cider vinegar. 
It should not be used by the old people anymore. As their growing age, their bones grow weaker their bones will even more vulnerable.
If they use apple cider vinegar, then their bones will become even more vulnerable. Before consuming this apple cider vinegar they should consult their doctor.
 8.Gastrointestinal problem 
Other side effects that are caused due to the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar include serious diarrhea, indigestion, and heartburn.
If you’re using apple cider vinegar for detoxification, these side effects are very common. The gastrointestinal also called the GI tract or the digestive tract.





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